1. this-is-my-microwave asked: I'M GONNA MISS YOU SENPAI


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  2. ((so.

    my computer died.

    woop woop

    sorry, asks will have to wait till it comes back from the shop ): ))

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  3. ((hi guysssssss

    so its been a while huh


    send in asks? ;-;

    and whoever wants to re-start rp’s is welcome to do so<3 ))

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  4. this-is-my-microwave asked: SENPAI YOU'RE BACK


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  7. fanficandartgal:

    Somebody, anybody PLEASE write a pirates in love yaoi fanfic with thomasxrussell. I don’t know why but I think they make a cute couple..I’m just saYing….

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  8. this-is-my-microwave asked: "Aw, Thomas you're too kind." The girl sweetly smiled at him. "Well, it's likewise. I'm having a good day because I got to spend it with you." With her hands on her hips, Liana rested the mop against her chest as she took a breather.

    "Know what, we could get back to these chores later." Thomas’ heart was beating hard after what Liana said. "How about I sneak somethin’ from the kitchen and we take a lil break?"

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  9. love-otomeobsession-deactivated asked: "That's okay with me." She said slightly blushing. "Um is there anything I can do to help though?"

    "Um - " Thomas started stuttering, till he calmed himself down from overthinking. "No, I don’t think so. I guess all that’s left is to see your-my- our room?”

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